Great Sources On Where To Buy Plants... From A Neighbor


There are some great nurseries around, but they can be expensive. Michael's Garden Gate Nursery in Mt. Kisco has good prices and an entire section of native plants.

146 North Bedford Rd. Mt Kisco, NY 10549




If you are just getting started with your flowering garden and want to save some serious $$, this nursery ships healthy, organic, native wildflowers that thrive here, require little care and the pollinators love them!

Prairie Moon Nursery. (It may be a little late in the season to order, but save it for next year. Where else can you get 36 plants for $100? Sure, they take a year to fill in, but totally worth it.)


If you don't mind a drive and want some amazing, healthy, unique plants that do well in the Northeast, Broken Arrow Nursery is by far my favorite!

13 Broken Arrow Road, Hamden, CT 06518




If you are in Connecticut, you might as well try this nursery. It's also worth following their newsletters so you have some support on caring for your plants.

White Flower Farm

167 Litchfield Road, Morris, CT 06763





Finally, this is a family-owned business up in Carmel. Their sales people are super helpful and can help you design a garden on the spot.

Kent Countryside Nursery and Landscaping

61 Ludington Court, Carmel, NY 10512




Good luck. Garden happy!