Two Sources For A Healthier Lifestyle

The Good Choice Kitchen Vegan Café is located in Ossining, NY (Westchester County), and  features a full dine-in or take-out seasonal farm to table menu, a wide selection of fresh fruit/veggie juices and smoothies, and a fridge full of delicious and healthy Grab-N-Go options.  Holistic practitioner events and cooking classes are also held at the café to empower you to take your wellness to the next level.

Weekly Meal Plans, available for pickup and delivery, make it easy to eat well every day, and most noteworthy: classes and workshops are available for all ages to enhance your cooking skills.

Skip the stale salad bar and avoid the deadly drive-thru: make a “Good Choice” today, instead!

Vegan, gluten free, organic, seasonal menu in a beautiful eat in cafe. Come in for breakfast, lunch, dinner, fresh juice, smoothies, whole food desserts. We specialize in healthy customized meal plans,. We also have cooking classes, special order baked goods, alternative practitioner visits and events.

Ask yourself:

Do you feel tired, fatigued, or low energy?

Do you have discomfort and/or swelling in your joints?

Are you in good shape and want to continue feeling great or go to the next level?

BEMER should be a tool in your health toolbox

BEMER is an energy-based therapy that employs physiological regulation.

BEMER = Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation

A few of the many advantages:

  • Increasing circulation

  • Boosting the energy in the cells to improve cellular metabolism

  • Increasing oxygen absorption

  • Improving cellular PH

  • Promoting production of Glutathione, an essential antioxidant that allows for detoxification and prevents premature aging.

BEMER devices improve the impaired pumping movements of small and very small vessels.  

No matter what ails you or if you just want to stay in good physical condition, BEMER will benefit you.

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