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Why Staging Is So Important

Heather Bouza provides a full- service approach to staging for sellers to get their homes sold as quickly as possible and at the highest price. It is her mission to showcase every home in the best possible light. Her services include decluttering, packing, cleaning, painting, and inspection preparation. Heather’s process depersonalizes homes allowing prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the space. Heather has excellent resources for staging homes as she maintains a warehouse of furniture and home accessories from which she can pull to perfectly stage any property.

Katheryn Salazar brings to the group a 20-year background in architecture, home renovations, and interior design. For sellers, Katheryn is able to envision what is necessary to maximize the house’s functionality and appeal to today’s buyers. This ranges from staging to making the necessary home renovations to best showcase the home prior to putting the house on the market.

For buyers, Katheryn helps them to envision the possibilities of a property. She provides advice on what the home can offer with renovation or just cosmetic updates-she’s able to identify the “bones of the home”. Additionally, she can see beyond the superficial to identify the parts of the home systems that may need updating (i.e furnace, plumbing, electric).

The design group goes above and beyond what traditional real estate teams offer, providing white glove, full service and a concierge approach for buyers and sellers. Learn more about the team’s services and see their projects:

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